Tips for Backchanneling

1. Preview the film you are going to show – even if you have been using it in your
curriculum ‘forever.’
2. While previewing, have pen and paper handy to write down questions in order for
the students to discuss.
3. Type the questions to give to the students before they begin the film and
4. Review blogging guidelines and staying on topic.
5. Set up your rooms a day before – make sure it is unblocked on the students’
6. If you have more than one classroom – have a room for each class.
7. To print the text of your backchanneling, in today’s meet, click the Read-only
link under the dialogue box. It will then print every page. Work from the last
post on the page forward to read them or put your pages in reverse order.
8. You can post 1 question at a time during the film or all at once – it depends on
your class which way will work best. For younger students, one at a time is
probably the best, so they can remember it, and answer right away. The
worksheet with the questions on it can be used as a reference tool.
9. Stress that the students answer with Q1, Q2, etc. at the beginning of each of their
posts – with 25 answers being posted to more than one question, it can get
10. The best way to monitor this is to be at your own computer, reading as they post.
You can jump in and answer questions. I copy and paste the questions one at a
time from a word document that is open on my screen at the same time.
11. To print out the dialogue, copy and paste the whole class discussion into a word
document or pdf. I tried – and it worked once or twice, other times it deleted the
whole document if you click on read-only at the bottom of the dialogue box and
then printed.