Do do backchanneling in your classroom, you will need to secure several items in advance:
1. The film you will use
2. laptops - one for each child - with internet connection
4. Monitor for your computer to run chat
5. Teacher computer hooked to monitor

Before the big day:
1. Watch the film and write up questions in chronological order.
2. Type up the questions and print a copy out for each student to have.
3. Have your questions on a word document that you can flip back and forth to - to copy and paste during the film.
4. Set up chat room.

On the big day:
1. Review texting abbreviations that are acceptable to use - make a poster for future reference
2. Pass out question sheet and review what they are looking for.
3. Review your guidelines for participation - how many questions they have to answer (3 out of 6), staying topic, consequences for going off topic, etc.. How to post a response: Q1, Q2, GC (general comment), GQ (General question)
4. Have students log in to site - post first question so they know they are on the correct page.
5. Start the film.
6. I watch from the back of the room "watching" the film and reading the posts over a student's shoulder, going to my computer to copy and paste the next question in to the chat.

When done - you can copy and paste whole chat into word to save, print, etc..

Post film:
1. After you do this a few times, ask the students if it helps them with comprehension,