What is Buddhism Backchanneling Questions? These questions go with the video:

Understanding World Religions: What is Buddhism?


Answer at least 4 of the following questions. When answering write Q# (# is the number of the question) at the beginning of your answer so everyone knows which one you are discussing.
Q1: Discuss any part of Buddhism that you found interesting and why.

Q2: Why do you think there is sadness and suffering in the world?

Q3: Buddhism has 2 major branches. Do any other religions have more than one branch? Explain.

Q4: What do you think Nirvana looks like? What does nirvana mean to you?

Q5: A Buddhist spiritual leader is a monk, nun or the Dalai Lama. What are other spiritual leaders called (give religion)?

Q6: What other religions have a special group of “3?” Explain.

Q7: Discuss some other sacred texts?

Q8: Explain how some things in Buddhism are similar to things in your own religion.