Backchanneling Instructions
During today’s video, we will be backchanneling, that is discussing and answering questions about the videos in a private blog room. To get ready, please do the following:
1. Turn your computer on.
2. Log on to your computer.
3. Go to the internet and go to the following site:
where the blank is, put your name and class period number.
4. Log in to Today’s Meet using your first name and last initial only.
5. Click Join
6. When the teacher posts a question during the video, please respond thoughtfully and appropriately. You will be graded on your participation and appropriateness of your responses. A printed transcript will be used to grade your participation.
7. You do not need to chat with your neighbors during the film, since you will be discussing it on a real time blog/chat room.
8. You are limited to 140 characters per post.
9. Stay on topic – no hi, bye, how r u doing